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How to wear

The AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery sits comfortable in your breast fold. Suitable for dresses, tops or blouses with a plunging neckline.


Putting on your AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery

The AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery can be worn with or without bra. Slip the arc into your breast fold and adjust until comfortable. Ensure that the jewellery piece sits snug above your cleavage, right on the upper side of your breast.

Most AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery designs can be worn on either side of the chest. Just adapt the jewellery piece on the arc by turning it towards the correct side before clipping it into place.


Separating the arc from the jewellery piece

The jewellery piece can be easily removed from the arc. Hold the arc with one hand while pressing the small clasp on the back of the jewellery piece. Gently pull the jewellery piece from the arc.

Always clean the arc of your AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery after every wear and store it in the original box.


Changing the jewellery piece on the arc

The AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery is very versatile. By changing the design piece on top of the arc you can tweak your entire style.

Follow the steps described above to separate the arc from the jewellery piece. Then, clip a different design onto your arc.

Any original AMANOURA jewellery design will fit the existing arc. Just ensure that the metal colour of the jewellery piece and the arc are matching when shopping for new designs.


Cleaning your AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery

It is important to clean your AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery. Please read our care guide for detailed information.