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Care Guide

AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery is crafted with the utmost care and just as easy to clean as any other fashion jewellery. However, each design and arc is delicate and to ensure that the product keeps its shine and sparkle, please adhere to the following care advice:

The arc of the AMANOURA Décolleté Jewellery is worn in your breast fold. This is an area where sweating occurs more often than in other areas of the body. To avoid tarnishing or discolouring of the metal caused by saline liquids, it is important to clean your AMANOURA arc after every wear.


Step 1: Rinse with soapy water or wipe clean with a jewellery microfiber cloth

Step 2: Wipe dry completely using a soft cloth

Step 3: Store in the original AMANOURA packaging box or pouch


  • Always store your AMANOURA jewellery in the original packaging and use only a soft cloth to dry and polish your jewellery to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid exposure to perfume, hairspray or lotion as it might harm and/or discolour the metal.
  • Avoid contact with hard objects and surfaces as it might scratch or chip the jewellery.


AMANOURA is not liable for any damages that occur after the receipt of jewellery or are due to wear and tear.